Toys about Hungary. Inspired by the hills and lake Balaton.


We are three hungarian girls.

We make toys about two places of Hungary which are full of tales: the hills around Budapest and about Lake Balaton, the largest lake of our country. We know and love the fauna and flora of these two places.

We make toys about the enormous trees in the shady forest, the houses and the Children’s Railway. About the scent of the summer, about the ferries in lake Balaton, bout the sun, the heat, the smell of the water.

We make toys about what means story in itself to us, as these recall our childhood memories and we retell them now to our own children.

The Eperfa toys connect to the 2 most influential premises in our personal lives: Lake Balaton, the largest lake of Hungary and the hills around Budapest. We know and love their fauna and flora, the houses and the Children’s Railway as these evoke our childhood memories and retell them now to our own children.

The story of all of our lives

Anna Nóra uses her toys to recall the stories of our childhood interweaved with memories connected to many of these locations;

Emese created her fabric accessories and Nora her short stories to reminiscent.

Being responsible for the environment

All the wooden material used for the toys we socurefrom the Danube-Ipoly National Park as we belive that no one takes better care of forests than the foresters who run them, whose first priority is to protect their ecosystem, including the tiniest creatures as well.

We aim to use only nationally sourced material and choose workshops that are as close to each other as possible so that we can protect our environment by reducing necessary deliveries required for production.

So that our stories could come to life as toys, we had a crucial opportunity provided by ‘MOME+ incubation programme’ of Moholy-Nagy University of Art in Hungary.

We are very grateful to our mentors, Imre Branyiczki and pál Koós fror their trust in us and support from the beginning.


Most of our toys are manufactured by disable or socially underprivileged people. We belive that everyone is good at something, people only need the opportunity to unfold their real talent

All the timber used for the toys is sourced from responsible local forestry. We choose types of wood that would decorate parks and alleys, but when they gor old and collapsed they would undeservingly become firewood. Except these few ones that land in our hands – thes gat a second chance to get back in the circle of childhood again.

We thrive to obtain all our materials locally, from Hungarian manufactures. By this we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also mutually support other small businesses similar to us.


All our toys are related to Lake Balaton and the hills around Budapest.

For the colours of the toys we have carefully chosen the soft, humid greens of the lake we splash in each summer, the grayish-pink of the many sunset we have watched, and the thousend different shades of blue that reflect the hills we now know by heart.

The toys can be combined with each other easily; the individual items, adapting to the child’s development, are built on each other.

Wherever possible we try to use natural materials for ou toys. We encourage you t appreciate any eventual little imperfections in the wood – these small knots and colour alterations are part of the objects, telling their own stories about themselves. As time goes by, they mature together with your children, they change and become one with thei little owners.

Responsibility for the next generation

It was very important to us that our toys accutantely reflect the characteristics of the wildlife and landscapes. We appreciate the tremendous help we got from the following organisations, who we cooperated with in the design process: Balaton Upland National Park

Hungarian Ornithollogical and Nature Conservation Society

Pilis Forest Ltd.

Széchenyi-Hill Children’s Railway

Our toys playfully educate children about the world around them, and thus help the surrounding animals, plants, buildings and vehicles endear to them. We belive they contribute to make the next generation feel responsible for their environment at a young age while they also develop various skills.

All the materials used in the production are safe.

Designers: Anna Nóra Nagy & Emese Berán

Children rhymes and stories: Nóra Garbai

The designing phase of the toys and accessories were executed within the Moholy-Nagy University of Art MOME+ incubation programme. Our mentors: Imre Branyiczki & Pál Koós.

Photo: Ádám Veres

Woodworks: Ákos  Kelemen, Kálmán Ince,  Katalin Sáfrán,  Péter Cakker, Zoltán Hermann,  Zsóka Dóczé,  Tamás Marlok, Edina  Jakus, Attila Almádi, Tamás Kővári

Textileworks: Zsuzsa Tóth

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